The FatBoys Recommend...

All Day Dining
The Mint Cafe

The place is almost legendry.  In the heart of downtown Wausau, it has been serving good food fast since the Class of 1972 was in kindergarten.  Menu spans sandwiches to liver and onions.  Hours align with the working man/woman: 6:30am-8pm M-F, 7am-3pm Saturday.

Breakfast - East Side
The Log Cabin

This place can be a zoo on weekends.  Wide range of basic eats served throughout the day. Although it is in the hood of DC Everest, consider it to be the base line greasy spoon for Lumberjacks.

Breakfast - West Side
Blue Willow Cafe

Read the report on the Log Cabin above. Same deal, different location.  Where Warriors refuel.

Brew Brothers

30+ beer brands on tap and voted best burger in town five (5) years running.  Small place so go early or late to avoid the crowd and you’ll have a reasonable chance at a table.

Fish Fry

Nothing is more hotly debated among the FatBoys than who has the best fish fry in Wausau.  One faction contends the only fish fry is the one which traditionally occurs only on Fridays and must feature local fish.  Therefore, the winner is Treu's Tick-Tock Bar and Grill.  The other faction contends it has to be available anytime a restaurant is open and can focus on just one type of fish.  Thus, the winner is the Wisconsin fast food giant Culver's (3 Wausau locations).  Let your taste buds decide.


Downtown Wausau.  Very laid back, classy, comfortable dining experience.  A good night out if you want to go fancy without going overboard.

El Tequila Salsa

There are a heap of Mexican places in town, none of them above average whether California style or Tex/Mex.  Patrons in Weston used to be pretty good but it seems like the service and food quality cratered during COVID.  Therefore, El Tequila Salsa is going to be as good as it gets.

Pizza - Ambience

In addition to pizza that is pretty darn good, what makes this place killer is movie star Cindy Crawford could come walking in the door at any minute; the place is owned by her uncle. Regrettably, COVID has messed up dining room service, but you can still eat at the bar.

We have recently learned Angelos closed its bricks and mortar business effective June 5, 2022 and will henceforth only sell its pizzas as a frozen product.  Total bummer to those of us who remember the ambiance of the basement of the Great Northern Hotel.  Wausau will never be the same.  CINDY to the rescue - PLEASE!


Pizza – Chicago Style

Not much in the way of in store dining (read - this place is tiny), so plan takeout.  Given the style of pizza, call ahead by 45 minutes-1 hour of when you want it.

Pizza – Thin Curst
Sam’s of Wausau

Note, there is a Sam’s in Schofield – but purists will tell you there is really only one Sam’s – the one on the West side.  Plenty of in store dining space, but even better: you can order from one of the FatBoys favorite dives just down the street - The Chatterbox  - and Sam's staff will cook up your selection and personally deliver while you sip cool suds.

Pub Food
Wausau on Water (WOW)

As part of the Wausau redevelopment effort, there has been a focus on the river front.  WOW is part of that.  It’s pretty good pub food at a reasonable price but paying for any activity in the adjoining arcade area will make you think you just dined at one of the finer restaurants in Beverly Hills.

Sea Food

If you are on a sea food diet - see food and eat it - that's a joke, you're supposed laugh - Gulliver's is where you need to be. Interior looks like the insides of an old sailing ship.  No website except for an Eat Street menu. Absolute insanity for Friday night fish fry.  Also, steaks are reasonable and get high marks.  Map.

Wisconsin Steak House (WISH)

Don’t let the location in a back-water area of Weston or simple structure fool you. If you like MEAT, the food quality here is second to none in Wausau and the bill will reflect that.  $$$$. Mitigating that damage to your wallet will be the reality WISH can hold its own against any big name steak house in the major metros of the U.S.

FatBoy Ice Cream
FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwich

I mean, seriously, what did you think the FatBoys would recommend?  Baked Alaska, crème brûlée, banana split at the West side Tasty Freeze Treat?  No, no, no - nothing can compare with the FatBoys namesake dessert.  Now in Wausau, find them at Sam's Club and Pick N Save.


Not enough? Well then, check out the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau's website. Their Restaurant Search app has lots of other great ideas.

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