Where Dey At?
We Really, Really Need Your Help!

Probably the toughest task before the reunion committee is trying to track down classmates who have disappeared into the woodwork of society.  In some cases all we know is the person may be living aboard.  In other cases, despite honest past efforts, whereabouts went cold decades ago.

We sincerely want to find every member of our collective class so each classmate will know about the reunion, can stay informed about how it is developing, and make an informed decision about attending.

If you have any information about how we can potentially reach the classmates listed below - phone number, email, social media link, address, or even a hunch - we would love to hear from you!  Use the link at the bottom of the page to send us that info.

East List
West List

Tell Us What You Might Know

If you are seeing a name on the list above and have some information about how we can contact that person, please, please, please (get the idea?) do one of two things:

  1. If you are close buddies, pals, BGF's, or whatever, do some serious arm-twisting to get them to fill out the Where You At? - Submission Form, or
  2. Help us out by providing what you might know, no matter how sketchy that info might be - to be a Ghostbuster, we need leads.  Use the link below to submit that info.


Where Dey At? - Submission Form


As contact information is validated, the name will be removed from the list.

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