"The Far Away Place"


From past to present - some history...

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  • The Wausau Polka, The Straight Eight (although there are actually nine members), August 22, 1940, Bohemian Polka.  WARNING: THE SURGEON GENERAL HAS DETERMINED THAT LISTENING TO THIS MUSIC IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH.


  • U.S. Geological Survey maps

    • Find below links to U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maps of the Wausau area which show how the area has changed in the past 120 years.
    • Until 2010, these maps were created using a labor intensive process which required each feature to be hand-cut in reverse into copper plates.  Items which needed to be printed using a different color - water as blue - were cut on separate plates.  Despite the intense effort required, the specification for every one of these free maps produced across the United States was that objects had to be shown with an accuracy of 10 meters, or 33'.  These maps are truly both a precision tool and piece of art which was unique to the United States until the creation of aerial imagery based mapping.
    • From 2010 forward in time, maps were created using an automated conversion process called Object Based Indentification (computer recognition of shapes in aerial imagery).  The resulting product (GeoPDF) has less granularity on opening, but if downloaded allows for layers within the map to be turned on and off.

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