Well at Least I Got an "A" in Dodgeball...


Record numbers across the board:

  • Friday Night - Sconni's Informal: 201
  • Saturday Golf Outing - Tribute Golf Course: 31
  • Saturday Night - Jefferson Street Inn Formal: 148

However, the maps below suggest there is still plenty of work to do.  We literally had individuals within walking distance of the 50-year reunion who did not attend.

There are two map images below - one for East, and one for West.  Click on the respective image to be redirected to a map showing the information as indicated by the map's descriptive title.  Use the map's zoom control in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to see increasingly closer visual information for any specific location.  Also, the small image above the zoom control will allow you to change to satellite or other available views.

50-year Reunion Attendance Map for the Wausau East Class of 1972

Red pins for attended solo, yellow pins for attended with guest, gray pins for did not attend.

50-year Reunion Attendance Map for the Wausau West Class of 1972

Blue pins for attended solo, yellow pins for attended with guest, gray pins for did not attend.



The numbers tell the story of improving operations over time.  Given the projected cost of just one conventional mailing to the class in 2027 being more than $600, it is critical that electronic outreach capabilities continue to be developed.



The reunion committee financials at conclusion of the 50-year event settlement, September 14, 2022:

Friday  Social Saturday Golf Saturday Dinner Baseball Outing Misc Total
Total Revenue $2,010      $930      $3,700      $180      $1,959      $8,779     
Total Expenses  -$748      -$1,204      -$6,464      -$180      -$1,621      -$10,216     
Net $1,262      -$274      -$2,764      -         $338      -$1,437     
Beginning Balance 11/30/21 $2,446     
Estimated Ending Balance $1,009     

Misc. revenue/expenses includes a donation to the Wausau School Foundation (WSF) of $1,020.  This amount is the collective total of funds donated to WSF by 19 classmates.

For further discussion on Financials, please see "Donate - 2027"

Product Improvement

In the interest of improving operations going forward, the committee has created two items for its internal use:

  • Pass down notes which are designed to streamline the startup of the next reunion effort.  Included in this collection is background information on event development, technologies used, business points of contact, budgeting, vendors and similar, and
  • Lessons Learned which are designed to facilitate a continuous improvement process going forward.  Similar to the survey results made available below, these comments come from committee members about what things worked, and what things could have been done better.

Survey Results

A summary of the results of the post event survey conducted August 11-26, 2022, can be viewed by clicking here.

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