In lieu of a printed document for contact information, going forward the Wausau East and West High School classes of 1972 will be using an online database.  To gain access to this database called the Xcellent Directory, you will need a user account.

A user account is obtained by completing the form which opens when clicking on the REQUEST ACCOUNT button below.  After your membership in the class is confirmed, you will receive an email with your username and password.  You will then be able to log into the Xcellent Directory using the LOGIN tab located on the Xcellent Directory drop down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: 174 individuals who previously agreed to share their contact information will be given automatic access the day the directory goes live.  There is nothing the individuals on the list which can be accessed by clicking here need to do other than wait for the email with their unique username and password to arrive.  Learn details at "About", this section of the website.

There are two different types of contact information available in the Xcellent Directory:

  1. For those individuals who completed a contact form on this site prior to early September 2022, only that information which was authorized to be released is displayed.
  2. For those individuals who have not yet completed a contact form, information that the reunion committee pulled together is displayed.

In both cases, personal information can be edited or restricted from view by the respective individual once a user account has been created.

Request Account

Use the button below to REQUEST ACCESS to the Xcellent Directory.

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