During early planning for the 50-year reunion, the committee decided that as part of the overall effort the class should begin doing something to give back to the community and school system that gave us our foundational education.

It is a sobering fact that the Wausau of our youth, is not the Wausau of today.  Currently, 47% of the students in the Wausau school system are living below the poverty level.  Charity groups are packing up meals for students to take home so they have something to eat over the weekend.  Teachers are routinely paying for school items out of their own pockets to ensure students have what they need to get an education.  After coming to this understanding about the current circumstances in Wausau, the committee decided the Wausau School Foundation (WSF) would be the organization where the committee would focus its efforts.

As a direct result of 50-year reunion promotional activities, known donations by classmates to the WSF have now surpassed $1,000.  To facilitate keeping the class active in support of the WSF going forward, the reunion committee has arranged for a dedicated donation link at the foundation.  Any funds given by classmates using this link will go direct to the Wausau School Foundation.

If you would like to be part of the growing number of the 1972 classmates donating to the Wausau School Foundation, please follow the instructions in the section at the bottom of this page.


Wausau Class of 1972!

Thank you for your continued love and support of your alma mater and the Wausau Schools. That you still value excellence in education and the future of students in our community means so much to us! Please be sure to visit our Facebook page and website for updates and see What We Can  Accomplish Together.


Debi Traeder – WSF Executive Director
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By using the procedures outlined below, all funds donated will be credited to the class of 1972 and you will receive a tax deductible receipt from the Wausau School Foundation.

To donate directly to the WSF:

  1. Click on the "Donate to the WSF" button below which will take you to the donation function of the Wausau School Foundation,
  2. When the WSF donation interface opens, select the amount you would like to give or manually enter a different amount,
  3. Toggle the "Select Donation Frequency" feature as desired,
  4. Then scroll down through "Apply My Donation To" selections until you see and select: "Wausau Class of 1972",
  5. Skip the "Honor or remember someone with your gift?" feature unless you want to specificially name an individual such as a deceased classmate, and
  6. Then click on the yellow bar button to enter your personal credit card information and complete the transaction.

Thank you for considering giving a doantion.

Our home town is in need and this is one small way we can help!

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