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Google Photo Album Instructions

Using the links below, you can access photos from past reunions which have been arranged in "Albums" in the Google Photo app associated with this website.  Clicking each link will take you the respective album where, within that view, you can do the following by using the top border displayed controls and/or clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of that web page:

  • View the collection as a slide show,
  • Download individual photos or the entire album, and
  • Share individual photos or the entire album by either direct link or social media.


To the extent you have reunion photos you are willing to share with your classmates, we would be honored if we could host them on this website's albums.  We are specifically offering these albums as a way to faciltate sharing outside the Facebook environment, in a format which the reunion committee fully controls, and which does not substantially reduce resolution of a photo when it is downloaded.  If you are willing to share your photos here, please attach them to an email and send to  If you are having difficulty submitting your photos for any reason, please send a note to the email above and assistance will be provided.   Thanks!

45-Year Reunion Albums

40-Year Reunion Albums

35-Year Reunion Albums

30-Year Reunion Albums

Wausau High Schools - Class of 1972 - A Place In History

The slide show which ran during the social hour of the Awesome Social and Dinner on July 30, 2022, can be viewed as a PDF by clicking the image below.  Quality of many of the pictures - particularily those from the Wausau Daily Record Herald - have been adversely impacted by the poor density of the original scan.  The standing reunion committee would like to improve the pictures in this presentation and add to it over time, especially with photos from West side schools and the Riverview area.  If you have photos or mementos from your school days that you would be willing to share, please contact for instructions and/or assistance in scanning.

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